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I am trying to add something to my development every day.

Short story

Writing a short story about yourself, where would you start? I would write: He was born in Werther (Westf.). This is near to where the infamous toffees Werther's Original are produced.

Most of his childhood years he spent in Enger though. Enger was a funny town. The word "enger" means "tighter" in German. For years the locals had little yellow stickers on the back windshield of their cars saying "Je Enger, desto besser" which means literally "the tighter, the better". After 2 years the city council decided that the ambiguous slogan of the city throws an undeniable shadow on the town's image. Hence, they changed it. They were not able to get rid of the little yellow stickers though.

After he graduate high school he decided that there was only one city in Germany where he could develop to the best: Berlin. He was lucky enough to have two of his best friends moving there at the same time.

Studying International Business Management he started being interested in new business models and quickly dived into the vibrant start-up scene of Berlin which occupied most of his time.

After two very informatory years he moved for a double degree program to Hatfield, UK. Here, he learnt what L.O.V.E. means and followed an Italian whirlwind back to Rome, Italy. Here, he started understanding what it means to live and enjoyed his probably happiest 6 months of his life. Now, he brought his whirlwind back to Berlin. He finished the degree and started to work in a company. But this blog and everything that is on it, is his honest attempt to motivate change in the world and in people. Will he succeed or fail, our hero? Only the future will tell...