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A sad day for TV, a proud day for Social Media

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17th January 2017


For quite a while now different voices in the internet say that TV in general is dead. On the one hand this is based on the fact that broadcasters are getting more competition through Netflix or Amazon. On the other hand, it seems that the media industry is not able to really come up with new quality television concepts. Especially in Germany, there are 10 new Matthias Schweighöfer movies coming out every year and reality shows are constantly interchanging.

One of the big prediction for the upcoming years is that we see more and more consumers shift to streaming service for movies and entertainment. People want to see what they want, at the time they want it and without any commercial interruption. Personally, I almost never watch TV. There is only one field that was specifically unique to TV: Live Events. Everyone was sitting in front of the TV during the Eurocup last year. Those are the events where TV still had a big market share. But is that shifting this year?



Things are getting rougher for TV now. The first time in German TV history a big live event like the Men’s Handball World Championship is not broadcasted in free TV but is streamed by a sponsor on their YouTube Channel. At the same time while the German Team is playing against Croatia in my YouTube Player I watch the inauguration of Donald Trump - also live streamed by a news channel on Facebook. Those are two live events that couldn’t be more different from each other and still they mark the biggest USP Sectors for TV - News and Sports.

While news are a type of media that comes quite natural to social, it is a very interesting decision by the German media channels not to acquire the rights to broadcast the tournament. At the same time it was super smart by the DKB (a bank and sponsor) to purchase the streaming rights (Currently almost 700 k viewers on their channel) - my congratulations, for what it is worth.



One interesting observation is that the live comments of other users under those videos are somewhat more engaging. In the traditional TV you are a passive consumer of what you see on the screen. There is only one activity arrow pointing towards you. On social live-streams you have basically an integrated twitter feed. One is able to follow the mood of other people watching what you see and gives you the possibility to interact with the content and with viewers.

The combination is powerful and is definitively something we will see more often this year. Moreover, due to devices like the Google Chromecast or SmartTV in general this kind of media also gets more accessible for more people. Times are changing and the winter for TV is definitively coming!

#QOTD: What do you think will be the next big event live-streamed on social?

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